Our mission is to improve the sleep health of all veterinary professionals through education, training and research. 

Here at VetShift we are passionate about teaching the benefits of Good sleep health, and ensuring 

individuals and employers are doing everything they can to mitigate the risks of fatigue and sleep deprivation, both to the staff and the patients.

Our primary focus group is veterinary shift workers, as this group is at particular risk of chronic sleep deprivation and the challenges of circadian rhythm disruption. However, our work is not limited to this area, and other high risk groups include new parents and those with physical and mental health conditions which affect their sleep quality and quantity, as well as those with clinical sleep disorders such as insomnia.

We hope to provide a useful educational resource for all veterinary professionals, in all aspects of sleep related health 

What We Do


Here you will find articles, webinars and guidelines on all aspects of sleep health. We have also included content on other key areas which can impact your sleep health such as diet, exercise, support and stress management. 



VetShift are available for lectures and workshops on sleep health in the veterinary profession which can count towards CPD for your team! Please contact us to find out more.


Take a look at our blog which discusses various aspects of  sleep health and wellbeing, including the risks associated with shift work and driving when fatigued. We are also happy to write articles on these topics for publication, please contact us to find out more!


For peer group discussion and support please join our closed facebook group where you can be connected with other veterinary professionals with an interest in sleep health. Many of our members struggle with sleep for a number of reasons, including shift work and having young children. This group aims to allow peer support and the sharing of advice and tips!

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