VetShift is an organisation providing education and training on sleep health within the veterinary profession, with a primary focus on sleep issues affecting the shift working veterinary population. 

Veterinary medicine will always require people to work shifts in order to provide 24-7 care to our patients, but this comes with inherent risks of acute and chronic sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm disruption which can lead to negative consequences, not just for ourselves but also for the patients under our care. Even those on day shifts frequently experience sleep related issues, with long days and stressful workload creating problems in winding down for sleep, many physical and mental health conditions affecting the quality and quantity of sleep, and new parents experiencing extreme sleep deprivation for many months. 

Here at VetShift, we believe that this is a hugely important topic which is not discussed widely enough in the profession, and which needs to be addressed in order to protect our colleagues and our pets. Click below to find out more about us and what we aim to achieve. 

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