Our aims

Raise awareness

Many vets, nurses and managers are simply unaware of the health and safety implications of fatigue and sleep deprivation in the veterinary workforce, and very few of us have discussions about how our sleep health may be affecting us.  VetShift aims to start conversations and develop awareness of all sleep related health issues.

Improve sleep hygiene

There are many tips and tricks which individuals can use to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep, even when working night shifts or caring for young families. These small adjustments can have a major impact on your health and wellbeing. VetShift aims to provide training and education to enable as many people as possible to benefit from these tips. 


Over recent years, research has been conducted in various other professions looking at the effect of fatigue and sleep deprivation, particularly in shift working populations. To date there has been very little research investigating this topic in the veterinary field. VetShift aims to conduct this much needed research, in order to provide evidence based guidelines for practices and their staff.

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